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With a proven track record and commitment to excellence we will provide you with the professional reliable heavy hauling services you can trust, the materials for your project and the experience you can count on.

K&D Industries NY, LLC

Reliable Heavy Hauling Services

Hauling Construction Aggregates, Paving and milling work are complex aspects of our daily operations. While the definition of “heavy haul” varies between companies, key aspects of these deliveries/hauls remain consistent.

For example, most “heavy haul” shipments will require permitting, logistics coordination, specific equipment, experienced drivers and thoughtful, well planned consideration going into each and every project.

Handing your heavy haul shipment to an underprepared or unreliable trucking company can have a serious impact on your business; in the worst cases causing your projects to fail, fall behind schedule; Prime Contractors and customers alike to question your ability to handle the work, as well as the competence in getting the work done!

With over a decade of relevant and qualified experience leading the way with proven success. K&D Industries of NY is the undeniable choice when considering and choosing a subcontractor for your Infrastructure and Road Work needs.

At K&D Industries of NY, LLC. We take pride in delivering top notch service and delivering industry leading haul trucking services tailored to meet the diverse needs of companies and all NYS agencies since our inception in 2009. Throughout this time KDINY has made substantial investments in our equipment, permitting, driver training all aimed at guaranteeing success of every project we undertake!

However, we also recognize that we are not the only company to offer heavy haul service at a high level. You deserve to leave your construction aggregates hauling in competent hands — even if KDINY is not your hauler of choice.

There are a lot of local companies within region 8 that can assist you with your projects, however KDINY sets themselves apart by our track record, commitment, reliability, and loyalty to the projects we’ve collaborated on and completed.

KDINY will cover your heavy haul needs at a high level and is the ideal subcontractor for your Infrastructure and Road Work needs.

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